The following technical videos explain our products and adjustements that might occur.

  • How Do enviolo's Stepless Products Work

    Learn more about the applications of the revolutionary NuVinci® technology developed by Fallbrook Technologies in the biking industry. For more details about Fallbrook's products, visit

  • Harmony H|Sync™

    Discover the Harmony H|Sync system, offering all the benefits of the NuVinci technology, fully integrated in the existing eBike control unit.

  • Calibration of Harmony™ with H3™ controller

    The system needs calibration when the LED on the interface shows intermittent blinking. The troubleshooting procedure is explained here.

  • Calibration of Harmony with H8™ controller

    On bikes with the H8 controller, the calibration error is shown when the orange dots are running up and down the display. Follow the steps described in the video to quickly resolve any issues.

  • Calibration Harmony H|Sync

    For this system there is no dedicated controller, the calibration being handled directly via the drive system controller. This video shows the application on a Bosch equipped bicycle.

  • Differences of Harmony Hub Interfaces

    The various types of Harmony interfaces can be recognized according to the pattern, the mounting spline, the pin position of the main connectors or the number of pins being used. See here all differences.

  • Adjusting Cable Slack

    In order for the system to work properly and remain durable, the cable slack should be set correctly. For more details, click on the play button.

  • Cable Installation of Nfinity™

    The shift cables installation requires a multi-step process as described in this video.

  • Function Test of Harmony Hub Interfaces

    The Harmony systems have two magnet-equipped sensors, for vehicle speed and sprocket rotation, working differently as shown in this video.

  • Installation of Harmony Hub Interfaces

    The Harmony hub interface comes in more variations, but all share a similar installation procedure. The clip explains all steps.

  • Installation of H3 Controller

    The H3 controller has an easy to do installation process as shown in this short clip.

  • Installation of Nfinity Controller

    The different types of Nfinity controllers have a similar installation process as shown in this short clip.

  • Installation of Nfinity Interfaces

    To install the various Nfinity interfaces, the same steps should be followed. Click play and see more details.

  • Installation of Freewheel

    The video explains how to install the freewheel, without damaging the paint covering the hub.

  • Installation of Rear Wheel with Harmony Hub Interface

    To install a new rear wheel on the bike, follow the steps shown in this clip. If you also need to remove the brake assembly, please follow the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Installation of Rear Wheel with Nfinity Hub Interface

    For the rear wheel installation, make sure the Nfinity system is set to the highest gear position. For the entire procedure, click on the play button.

  • Installation of Sprockets

    Both chain and belt sprocket installation follow the same steps, except that the chain sprocket requires a spacer next to the snap ring.

  • Replacing Shifting Cables

    To replace the shifting cables, normal 1.1 mm ones are required as shown in the video.

  • Resetting the Hub to Full Overdrive

    If the spline nut and shift driver marks are not aligned, then resetting the hub to full overdrive is needed, as shown below.

  • Resolve Stuck CVP

    When resolving stuck CVP, make sure you are not damaging the shift driver, as it will make it impossible to mount the hub interface. For hubs stuck in a high gear, the shift driver needs to be rotated clockwise, and for low geared stuck hubs, the rotation is counterclockwise.

    Afterward, for Nfinity™ products, reset the hub to full overdrive, and for Harmony™ systems, do a re-calibration.

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