enviolo Retailer Membership Program MY2020

The annual enviolo Retail Membership program runs from September 1, 2019 - August 31, 2020, but you can already order your MY2020 Membership package now.

As a free perk, members who join now, will receive all benefits immediately.

If you are already a member and have received a Service Kit for MY2019, then you will only need the Update Kit.

& benefits

€ 399 - Update Kit
€ 699 - Service Kit


€ 275 - Update Kit
€ 549 - Service Kit


€ 199 - Update Kit
€ 399 - Service Kit

Become an enviolo expert
enviolo experts are listed as such on our website's retailer locator.
Free Retail Training Tickets
Additional tickets (Cost value per ticket: €79.99) discounted at 50% Gold, 25% Silver & Bronze.
Point of Sale Material
Gold members will receive a large POS kit; Silver and Bronze members a small kit.
Judge Warranty Yourselves
Accelerates warranty processing and leads to satisfied customers.
Labour Credits
Additional labour reimbursements for work conducted.
Online Store Discounts
Gold members receive 20% discount, Silver - 10% and Bronze - 5% when purchasing parts from orders.enviolo.com.
enviolo Service Kit
Retail value: €487 (update members, who do not require a full kit, will receive a €150 voucher to order parts online).
enviolo Open Hub
Retail value: €250 (not included in Update Kit).
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