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The first NuVinci® bicycle hubs, model N170™, began rolling off the assembly line in December 2006. Industry awards followed in January 2007 and by March 2007, the first end-users rode NuVinci Optimized™ bicycles. NuVinci technology radically changed the cycling world with the first commercially available continuously variable planetary (CVP) transmission system for bicycles. Benefits for the rider include stepless shifting which works just like adjusting the volume on a radio plus, you can shift without limitations also under load.

  • 2000

    First NuVinci® CVP Prototype

    Inventor Don Miller has an idea for a new transmission invention, as part of an effort to break the land speed record on a bicycle. Addresses weaknesses of the traditional CVT.

  • 2007

    N170™ Hub

    The first commercial CVP transmission for bicycles:

    • Receives R&D 100 award,
    and popular Science ‘‘Best
    of What’s New’’ award
    • Production volumes begin
    for bicycle brands Batavus
    B.V.and Ellsworth
    Handcrafted Bicycles

  • 2008

    N171™ Hub

    Receives Gold award at Eurobike awards

Batavus N.V. in the Netherlands and Ellsworth International in the United States of America were the first bicycle manufacturers to offer NuVinci Optimized™ bikes. In January 2007, the Batavus Adagio bike with NuVinci technology won the 2007 Bike of the Year Award at the FietsVak bicycle show in the Netherlands and the original NuVinci N170 transmission itself won the Innovation of the Year Award.

  • 2010

    N360™ Hub

    Many improvements over previous models
    • Individual parts reduced
    from 312 to 166
    • 30% lighter and 17% smaller
    • Improved shifter (50% less
    twist rotation)
    • New shifter & hub
    • Shifting occurs inboard of
    frame dropout
    • Easier shifting under load

  • 2011


    Intelligent Drivetrain:
    The first continuously variable shifting system for eBikes that shifts automatically using the N360 hub.

  • 2014


    Integrates Harmony automatic shifting system with eBike interfaces, without the need for a seperate shifting device on the handlebar.

The Harmony auto-shifting system for bicycles (incorporating the N360) was introduced in 2011, and in 2014, Harmony H | Sync, the fully integrated auto-shifting system with eBikes interfaces was presented to the end-consumers.

  • 2015

    N330™ and N380™ Hub

    Introduction of Nfinity™ & Harmony Product groups, new CVPs (N330 / N380), and new controllers: C3™, C8™, C8s™, H3™, H8™

  • 2017

    N330f™ and N380x™

    Introduction of the N330f, the groupset for rental and commercial grade bicycles.
    Launch of N380x, a groupset specifically designed for sportive and cargo bicycles.

  • 2018


    Introduction of the new division brand ‘enviolo’ and a complete new rider-needs-based product portfolio.
    enviolo becomes 2018's Bicycle Brand Contest winner, for the Brand Identity category, prize given by the German Design Council.

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