Trekking Groupset


The Moving Standard for Trekking bikes.

“We travel with our bikes every day.”

We designed a trekking groupset to offer the technical performance suitable for longer rides.

Features and Benefits

  • Continuously variable transmission and stepless controller

    Enables shifting under load and full power of the drive system – in any riding conditions

  • High quality of individual ingredients and material selection

    Ensures longevity of components hence a reliable ride over longer distances

  • Wide ratio range

    Covers effectively the requirements of overland tours and hilly terrain rides

  • Animated display

    Rider illustration suggests the perfect ratio range for your most comfortable ride

  • Unique and noble pad-printed design

    Reduced design of the component enhances the unique and quality look of the complete bike

  • Belt drive compatibility

    Enabling optimal low maintenance and worry-free trekking bike

Technical Specifications

  • Aesthetics
    Die-cast – clean housing
  • Finish
    Paint with pad print
  • Ratio range
  • Max. gross vehicle weight
    180 kg
  • Max. continuous torque
    85 Nm
  • Max performance
    250 W
  • Freewheel
  • Axle options
    10*135 threaded axle
  • Brake options
    Rim, Roller, Disc up to 180 mm
  • Compatible systems
    All City compatible systems & Brose S&T; Shimano Steps 8000; Yamaha PW & PW-SE; Continental 36V & 48V; Bafang Maxdrive; TranzX M25 Panasonic; Bosch Performance (Chain) & Performance CX
  • Warranty
    2 years for consumer use
Trekking Controller
Trekking Hub

The Moving Standard.