Cargo Groupset


The Moving Standard for Cargo bikes.

“I need a solution for short distance transports – for family reasons or to transport higher loads.”

We designed a cargo groupset, perfectly developed to manage higher loads.

Features and Benefits

  • Specific material selection and production procedure

    Enables greater material strength and allows heavy duty applications up to an unprecedented 250 kg permissible vehicle weight and 500 W nominal power, also suitable for industrial use

  • Specifically-designed controller rubber material/texture

    Ensures better ride comfort & longer grip lifetime needed in the commercial/cargo environment and in all weather conditions

  • Aluminum hub interface

    Protects hub interface against product abuse

  • Integrated brake disc option

    Enables high brake forces for speed or heavy duty applications through use of rotors up to 203 mm

  • Continuously variable transmission and stepless controller

    Enables more focus on the environment like inner-city traffic. Allows shifting at standstill, easy riding in stop-and-go situations

Technical Specifications

  • Aesthetics
    Die-cast with machined pockets
  • Finish
    Paint with pad print
  • Ratio range
  • Max. gross vehicle weight
    250 kg*
  • Max. continuous torque
    100 Nm*
  • Max performance
    500 W*
  • Freewheel
  • High power internals
  • Brake options
    Rim, Disc up to 203 mm
  • Compatible systems
    All City & Trekking compatible systems & Yamaha PW-X; Bafang M500; Impulse 2.0
  • Warranty
    2 years (1 year for commercial use)
Cargo Controller
Cargo Hub

The Moving Standard.