enviolo Groupsets

The five enviolo groupsets - city, trekking, sportive, cargo and commercial - were designed with the needs of five specific consumer personas and bicycle types in mind. This mission to deliver the best possible shifting solution for each rider, no matter the bike they ride, enables us to be “The Moving Standard.”

  • CT

    “I want a comfortable commute in an urban environment and a relaxed weekend ride.”

    We created a city groupset perfectly designed for the demands of the urban bike and the urban rider.

    City Groupset
  • TR

    “We travel with our bikes every day.”

    We designed a trekking groupset to offer the technical performance suitable for longer rides.

    Trekking Groupset
  • SP

    “I want to be on a sportive product also when in a non-sportive environment. I want a smooth ride, even at high speeds.”

    We designed a sportive groupset that provides sportive riders with the agility and product performance they desire.

    Sportive Groupset
  • CA

    “I need a solution for short distance transports – for family reasons or to transport higher loads.”

    We designed a cargo groupset, perfectly developed to manage higher loads.

    Cargo Groupset
  • CO

    “When choosing a rental bike, I want a worry-free and easy ride, no matter the route.”

    We designed a commercial groupset that enables riders to have a simple and worry-free ride – always.

    Commercial Groupset

The Moving Standard.