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enviolo Stepless Automatic – Why bother switching gears manually?

The enviolo stepless automatic products add an additional element of comfort to the technology of the continuously variable transmission. This is because they offer the first automatic continuously variable shifting system to those who'd rather not worry about shifting at all. You set your preferred cadence, and the transmission is controlled automatically so that you can always pedal at the same pace, even up or down hill.

If you prefer to switch to manual shifting, you can turn off the automatic shifting simply at the press of a button.

Next to this, you can also take advantage of the fully integrated automatic stepless system, which offers you all the benefits of the NuVinci® technology, plus it is integrated in the existing e-bike control unit, without requiring an additional shifter on the handlebars.

Enjoy the most uncomplicated eBike handling on the market!


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The five enviolo groupsets - city, trekking, sportive, cargo and commercial - were designed with the needs of five specific consumer personas and bicycle types in mind. This mission to deliver the best possible shifting solution for each rider, no matter the bike they ride, enables us to be “The Moving Standard.”

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The Moving Standard.